Database with Canadian Covid Deaths

Independent researcher Nora Loreto maintains a comprehensive database of Covid deaths in Canada. There are three sheets: Deaths in residential care facilities, deaths in workplace outbreaks, deaths among health workers:

One striking claim is that by early May at least six and possibly up to ten of about 700 taxi / limo drivers working out of Toronto Pearson airport had already died after testing positive for Covid. While it is not clear how many of them picked up the virus while on the job, this would be a strikingly high infection fatality rate, even if we were to assume that infection rates among drivers are much higher than in the general population. 

Data from the Office for National Statistics for Wales and England confirms that taxi drivers are in one of the highest risk categories:

Road transport drivers, including taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs, had some of the highest rates of death involving COVID-19 for men

Of the remaining major occupational groups with high rates among men, those who worked in process, plant and machine operative occupations had one of the highest number of deaths overall (473 deaths). This group includes occupations where the main tasks are to operate and monitor industrial equipment; assemble products; and drive and assist in the operation of transport vehicles and other machines.

In this group, at a more granular level, road transport drivers were found to account for the largest proportion of deaths (67.7% of the major group deaths, or 35.2 deaths per 100,000 men).

Among road transport drivers (Figure 3), taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs had the highest rate, with 65.3 deaths per 100,000 men (134 deaths). Other occupations with significantly higher rates include bus and coach drivers, with 44.2 deaths per 100,000 men (53 deaths), and van drivers (26.7 deaths per 100,000 men; 66 deaths).

Figure 3: Among road transport drivers, taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs had the highest rate of death involving COVID-19 for men 
Age-standardised mortality rates of death involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) in England and Wales, men, deaths registered between 9 March and 25 May 2020

Interacting with lots of different people, spending a considerable amount of time with them in a small and possibly poorly ventilated space would seem to be some factors that increase the risk.